Clothing using infrared technology

Clothing using infrared technology

Clothing using infrared technology, introduced by Invista

Invista is introducing “Thermolite Infrared” technology, a solar activated technology that allows the garments to heat when they are exposed to the sun.

According to Invista, the Thermolite Infrared technology is made from a new products pallet developed by the Thermolite Pro brand. The techonology is activated by the sun or artificial light sources, thanks to its exclusively yarns that absorbs the NIR rays to increase the temperature of the garments.

The fiber technology gives insulation and reduces heat loss helping its performance, even in cold temeperatures. The performance is constant and lasts during the life of the garment. The warming properties are designed to dry the garments faster than traditional technologies. This dry timing means that in case of the garment gets wet when wearing it, the body heat can be used to stay warm instead of helping the garment to dry, this gives more protection when the weather is extremely cold.

According to Huw Williams, Invista’s global leader for sportswear and outdoor, the consumers will enjoy the new and innovated benefits, while meeting the most high standard levels of quality and performance. The first market to enjoy this new Thermolite Infrared technology is going to be the outdoor market, with insulation for jackets, gloves, caps and sleeping bags. Others will be announced late 2016.

Salomon Juan Marcos, president of Grupo Denim, is looking forward to start new projects using this new technology, they have worked fire resistant clothing in the past, and are very familiar to handle Invista fabrics. “One of our best partners is working on a new jacket design, we are very excited to venture in this kind of products, we have worked Invista fabrics before and we have a dedicated production area that is assigned for this project, we are here to innovate for them” said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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