Ways to wear denim

ways to wear denim

Different ways to wear denim

Denim is a highly resistant fabric, so for this reason, many people sees it as a rough one, especially because this began to be used as work wear, but today we will show you different ways to combine your denim clothes so you can see how they are not made for informal looks.

“Garments made of denim are resistant, which made them an excellent option to save money in clothes”, thinks Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

If you wear a pair of denim jeans with a shirt and sneakers, you will of course have a relaxed an informal outfit; however, if you combine these same jeans with any other garments, the combinations are practically endless, and it would depend on those combinations to create looks for all scenarios.

Here are some styles you might want to try one:

  • Skinny jeans, blouse with glitter and a black blazer, combine them with high heels boots. Make sure your jeans are made of a dark color denim and plain. This outfit can be worn for a cocktail or a less formal occasion.
  • Denim jacket and a mini-dress are the perfect look for a night out, combine them with pumps and discrete accessories, this is a very audacious and modern outfit that we are sure you are going to love.
  • If you are trying to get a sophisticated look, combine your white jeans with a bright gold blouse and high heels; add a denim clutch and you will be ready to shine.
  • Is denim formal or informal? As you can see, it does not entirely depend of wearing a garment made of denim but it is also about the garments, accessories and shoes that will complement your look that will make you look as formal or relaxed as you want to.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal added: “Many people used to think that denim garments were made for sport and informal looks, but that has changed now that we know we can make lots of combinations with these garments and their designs are versatile as they are not made for work wear anymore”

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