Garments to wear with your jeans

Garments to wear with your jeans

Garments you need to wear with your jeans

Jeans are part of the fashion nowadays, so it is not anymore about buying a couple of plain jeans to wear them daily, by buying your denim pants, you can take great advantage of them as they offer you many versatile styles, so today we will give you the rules you need to follow so you can look fabulous when wearing them when you combine them with the correct garments.

“There are many fits for jeans, skinny, flare, boot cut, low rise, and many type of shades and composition of denim that everyone can find their type of jeans easily, wearing jeans makes you feel comfortable, secure and nicely dressed”, said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of a jeans manufacturer in Mexico, Grupo Denim.

  • Top off the shoulder – Have you worn a white top off the shoulder with distressed jeans? If you haven’t, you need to go for it, this look will make you look incredible by daring to show your shoulders but without showing more skin than necessary, remember wearing matching high heels with your outfit.
  • Dark blouses – The dark colors will always make you look more skinny, so if you want to get this effect, then combine your jeans with black, dark brown, blue or green blouses, you can also combine a couple of black jeans with a white or navy blouse and will look just as well.
  • V-neck shirts – Another slimming garments are the V-neck shirts, they are and excellent choice to combine with your jeans, try the short sleeve shirts for this coming spring and avoid the three-quarter sleeves as they will make you look wider.
  • Belts – Many people does not combine belts with jeans as they think they do not combine but it is all of the opposite, a belt that matches with the rest of your outfit will make you look more stylish, if your waist is a little wider, wear a belt with one of the colors of your shirts.

Also remember to pick the right style of jeans, if your waist is small, you can wear low rise jeans or stuck your shirt into them, if your hips ware wider, try to avoid the straight cut jeans.

“There are many type of jeans for everyone, that is why we see jeans taking over fashion all over the world and instead of losing popularity, denim jeans are being presented with new colors, type of fabrics and fits making this garment stronger and more popular than ever”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

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