TRF from Zara

TRF from Zara

TRF from Zara, a spring that has denim as its code word

We all are aware that having jeans in the closet is a must. Because of their versatile, denim fiber has been conquered one step at the time and this spring/summer season we will have it in mind. Let’s review TRF from Zara.

The youth Zara fashion line is giving us a heads up on a newspaper and having denim as the star. Cowboys, skirts, dresses, jumpsuit, t-shirts, everything that you could possible imagine or almost, are there. Yes, all is coming back, but with a changed touch…

A different touch? Printed garments, jeans with patches, embroideries in bright colors. You could bet on denim during the next season and you can be sure you will win!! 

Following the fashion trading, the total White look is a must from this collection, and the firm is presenting it with tops crop. The influenced of the 90’s and the grunge style are back again on this collection, especially regular cuts and jackets.

70’s are also present on this new collections from Zara, showing its influence on cowboys garments and also on the tops in bright colors.

Now talking about patterns and bodies of this new collection I am denim from Zara Trafaluc big sizes are again chosen, t-shirts and jeans. Something new on this collection is the drawing influence from the 90’s, with stamped messages over the garments.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a Mexican entrepreneur, is always happy to see new and original designs. “I always follow up on new collections, I personally like Zara and I think its collections are great, the stores are always full which means that the brand know how to keep women happy, they all go so crazy when Zara launches new designs”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

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