Neon colors on new fashion styles

Neon colors

Neon colors, essential for the new fashion styles

Fashion involves everything around us, every new season we see daring styles on the runways, and one of the trends that is causing a revolution are the neon colors, although this is nothing new, as neon colors were present on the fashion styles back in the 80’s, they are taking now more popularity than ever. This time, we will show you some useful advices to combine neon colors in your outfit: 

Pink We can see hot pink, deep rose, magenta or coral on handbags, shirts and lipsticks

Red The neon, brick and fire red come in shoes, belts and lipsticks, giving a great color explosion to an outfit

Orange The bright and amber orange, as well as the peach and salmon are ideal for spring and summer, and we can find them in lipsticks, shoes and sunglasses

Green Kryptonite, poison and lawn green, emerald, lime and chartreuse are popular among caps, T-shirts and belts

Blue Silver blue, aqua, cobalt and turquoise are seen on formal wear, jewelry, jeans and makeup

 If you want to brighten up your wardrobe, you do not need to get rid of your old clothes, a great option is to add accessories or garments in neon colors, which will completely change your style, giving it color.

 Women have lots of fun adding neon shades to their outfits, as they can play with almost everything available, from shoes to hats, scarfs, lipsticks, blouses, shoes, bags, all of them can be perfectly combined with a denim garment, such as shorts, skirts, jeans, dresses, especially during the hot seasons.

 “Neon colors add that bright and daring complement to an outfit, these trends are so popular that you can even see neon ties, shoelaces or suspenders on a formal suit”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.