Middle Aged Women

Middle Aged Women

Fashion for Middle Aged Women

Fashion for middle aged women doesn’t have to be frumpy. It doesn’t have to scream “middle aged,” either. Women of any age can look pulled together, sexy, and professional; fashion for women over 40 has come a long way. It’s all about incorporating select trends into a wardrobe that you’ve carefully created with items that fit you so well they seem to have been made with your body in mind.

Stay Age Appropriate

One of the common concerns for middle aged women seems to be, “Will I look like I’m trying to be too young in this?” when they’re tempted to buy something trendy. The answer is quite often a resounding “No.” Women of all ages like to feel pretty and feminine, and there’s no need to drastically limit your style because of your age. Most women beyond their 20s should probably skip the tiny miniskirts and cropped tops, but you don’t have to wear unflattering skirt lengths or shapeless shirts simply because you think you’re “too old” to wear certain styles.

Go for the Minimalist look

Less is more when it comes to fashion for women over 40. Choose pieces that have fewer embellishments and cleaner lines, you’ll be able to get more wear out of them, pair them with more (trendy) things, and accessorize with your favorite jewelry pieces. They’ll also make your look more polished than some of the busier pieces out there.

Choose Timeless Classics

There’s a way to incorporate trends into fashion for middle aged women, but it takes having some staple, well-tailored classic pieces in your wardrobe. Keeping your trendy picks grounded in a sea of simple styles will keep you from falling into the trap of looking as if you’re trying to dress younger than you are.

“Staying age appropriate when it comes to fashion for middle aged women means wearing clothing that fits, flatters, and reflects your unique sense of style. While you may want to avoid overly revealing clothing, there are plenty of exciting and interesting pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe” commented Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Skinny Jeans For Men

Skinny Jeans For Men

Ultimate Extreme Super Skinny Jeans For Men

Skinny jeans for men have been popular for years now, ever since the 90’s and mid 2000’s faded out and our clothes started getting slimmer (thank goodness!), but what fashionable men all around seem to be favouring right now is the super skinny jean. The extreme skinny jean has been gaining in popularity as the months go on and now it’s at its peek! How do I know this? Because the high street brands and lower end stores are stocking them in the masses and from a fashion perspective, they are always the last to catch on.

I personally think that skinny jeans look the best on men, I can’t stand jeans that are so baggy and sloppy that they look ill fitted and unflattering, so for me, skinny jeans are definitely the way forward when it comes to a tailored and polished look on a guy. Not only are they easier to wear as you don’t have to worry about hemming them so much, but the fit of them means you can easily wear them with boots and a smart blazer for the evening as much as you can with a t-shirt and sneakers for the day. Skinny jeans are versatile, comfortable and hot.

I know a lot of guys tend to choose women’s skinny jeans instead of men’s because they have extremely slim legs and can never find anything tight enough when it comes to denim, but with some of the extreme skinny options here, you might not have to do that. 

As the fits and cuts get slimmer each season though, for those of you wanting a legging fit and daring enough to want to try the super, extreme skinny jeans that are popping up everywhere.

For those men out there that are slim, why not give these a go? They might just be the skinny jean you are looking for that doesn’t overwhelm your frame, said Salomón Juan Macos Villarreal president of Grupo Denim.

Part-time businesses


Ideas to start your own part-time business 

Some people dreams of starting their own business but their daily jobs would not let them do it or they do not want to risk quitting their job for something uncertain; however, there is a solution, there are part-time businesses that can help them start on the entrepreneur world. 

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim and a Mexican entrepreneur thinks the following about business: “No matter the size of your business, it is great when you start working on projects for your own, working for your dreams and chasing your goals, a part-time business is an excellent way to start something new without leaving what you do already”. 

If you are curious about entrepreneurship but want to test what it is to start a business without leaving the activities you do, here are some useful ideas for part-time business that many consider as sure-fire ways: 

Computer tutor – If you have abilities in computer programs, this is a great way to start your own business, promoting training services or giving computer training classes.

Accessories – If you have a special talent to create your own jewelry and accessories, put it on work and start your own business, you can buy materials or even recycle them to make your own creations and start making money.

Personal Trainer – This is a great way to being an entrepreneur after your working hours, we are more concerned than ever about our fit, so starting a business on this area have excellent chances for success.

T-Shirt designer – If you are an artist you might want to use your skills for your own business, painting or drawing your own designs in T-shirts, you can dedicate to this business after your job or over the weekends. 

“Entrepreneurs see business opportunities were other ones don’t, so it is important to have your eyes and mind wide open and be prepared for when the chances arrive”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

XV Celebration

celebration XV Celebration, what is on trending?

The XV celebration is a Mexican tradition that is still celebrated on many states of the country, Mexico City, specially. Has everything in the world, some things have changed thru the years.


Trending is still bid dresses with a lot of fabric, crinoline, and an embroidery corset, but the colors have changed and now they prefer neon colors with converse decorated with rhinestones or stamped with the name of the party girl.


Most of the parties are now being celebrated with a DJ that plays a music list, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Rhianna or Justin Bieber are the favorite artists.


This is a tradition that does not change, party saloons are still in the only thing new on the decoration are the led lights on the tables.


Hummer trucks or beetles are parked for rent at the Historic Center of Mexico City. The trip includes drinks without alcohol for the party girl and her friends.


Like in any other party, a party planner is also needed to place a dessert table; it could be sweet or salty candy. A floor cake from Sanborns does not make a girl happy anymore.


It still a tradition that the young girls dances with her father and then change her clothes and then perform a modern dance, the rhythm depends on the girl, some of them choose pop, hip hop, etc. Some girls even hire an imitator of a famous singer like Justin Bieber to perform a show during the party.

Pictures and video

The trending now is to place a cabin of instant photographs and then create a hashtag to identify them when they are loaded on the social media. Taking a video during the party is still a tradition.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a successful businessman from Mexico thinks that a quinceañera is a great tradition in Mexico. “I’m happy to see that the people still celebrates a VX party for the young girls, a different trending is a also to make a trip to another country but the tradition of having a party is so significant to preserve memories on our hearth”, said an enthusiastic Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.


Quality Inspection

Quality Inspection in Garment Industry

Quality Inspection in Garment Industry

Quality Inspection

American Society for Quality Control (ASQC) defines quality as “A systematic approach to the search for excellence”. According to International Standard Organization (ISO).

However, quality also means much more, they include:

The degree of excellence that an item possesses.

The best money can buy.

Meeting a specification.

Not more than 1% defective a lot.

Anything Japanese.

Quality is when the customers come back not the goods.

Quality of a garment refers to the product free from staining faults, sewing defects, fabric faults, size measurement faults, matching of color and stripe faults, cutting faults, etc.

Synonyms: Productivity, Cost reduction, Scheduled performance, sales, Customer satisfaction, Team work, and many more.

To achieve dimensioned quality, the organization’s staffs should have exact knowledge of the requirement profile of the products. This part can only be fulfilled if the information regarding the quality is freely exchanged between the various interfaces of the process.

Quality control

The method of checking, analyzing, verification and controlling the desired or expected quality parameters of the garments is said to be quality control.


Inspection can be defined, in the apparel industry, as the visual examination or review of raw materials ( such as fabric, Buttons, Zippers, Sewing threads, Trims, etc ), partially finished components of the garments and completely finished garments in relation to some standards, specifications or requirements, as well as measuring the garments if they meet the required measurements.

Steps in garments inspection:

In garments industry, the desired or expected quality parameters are controlled by inspection. This inspection can be done in three steps:

1.- Raw material inspection in garment industry

2.- In process inspection in garment industry

3.- Final inspection in garment industry

“Quality is the fulfillment of the specified requirements for a product or service” commented Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Orange color: how to combine it

 orange colorOrange color: how to combine it, stylish guide

Orange color is a star color for the spring –summer season along with pink, serenity blue.

Some of us might think that orange is not a proper color for our skin but making the correct combinations and specially finding the appropriate orange shade according to our skin (cold or warm), will make us look so elegant for this season.

Many celebrities had also dress in this color for special occasions, like weddings or red carpets.

How to combine the color on a daily basis

Tangerine is a range color of the orange tone, which is the best almost for all type of skins. For cold skin you might chose for a darker tangerine color to enhance the factions. You will look fantastic no matter if you’re blonde or brunette. Use silk t-shirts, stamped or plain colored print, combine it with a pencil skirt in black color or casual pants. A dress inspired on the 60’s in a tangerine color is ideal for short & cold skin women. Combine it with black belts and a bandanna for an informal touch.

For women with warm tone of skin, the tangerine light color is the option. You will look terrific in this color if your hair is dark and you’re a brunette. A sleeveless dress knee length will be perfect to go to the office. High heels will stylish your body.

How to combine the color during the night

It could be a night out with your friends, a professional dinner or a wedding, tangerine color will be your best ally. Dresses in this color might look careless but knowing how to combine them could make us the most elegant of the party.

If the celebration is during the night, a chiffon long dress will be the best option. Look for an off shoulder dress for a fancy touch. A loose up do will be the best hair style; the main character of your look will be the color. Accessories need to be in gold.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, expressed that the orange color is present also in the denim fashion jeans. “I think this color looks terrific on denim, it gives a sense of happiness and women look really great when dressing up using this color”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


Compliance Audits

Compliance Audits

Conducting Compliance Audits

The purpose of compliance audits is to see how well a company is following applicable rules, policies, and regulations. For example, as an internal auditor your job may be to see how well various departments in your company are abiding by the corporate by laws (rules governing how the company operates) or by relevant government standards.

  • Examining regulatory compliance: This type of audit addresses whether the company is following local, state, or federal laws applicable to its type of business. For example, you may determine whether the business is complying with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards on the dumping of toxic waste. Or you may look at whether a credit card company is following federal law with regards to charging its cardholders allowable fees and interest. Independent CPAs hired by the company, internal auditors employed by the company, or governmental auditors representing the U.S. government can evaluate regulatory compliance.
  • Satisfying the IRS: In the United States, a huge number of compliance audits involve Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents who examine personal and business tax returns to gauge compliance with Internal Revenue Code. IRS agents refer to their work product as examinations rather than audits because tax returns are prepared according to the Internal Revenue Code, which differs in many regards from GAAP (the standard most often used for financial statement audits).
  • Conducting state income tax and sales tax audits: These types of audits, conducted by the auditors working for a state’s Department of Revenue, evaluate whether companies and individuals are paying income tax per state statute. They also check to make sure that sales tax on purchases is collected for all taxable transactions and that the company collecting the tax is remitting all of it and in a timely fashion.

Compliance audit is essentially about comprehensively reviewing whether a company is adhering to the regulatory related guidelines or not. IT, security and independent accounting consultants conduct an evaluation of the thoroughness and strength of preparations pertaining to compliance, commented Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal president of Grupo Denim.