Orange color: how to combine it

 orange colorOrange color: how to combine it, stylish guide

Orange color is a star color for the spring –summer season along with pink, serenity blue.

Some of us might think that orange is not a proper color for our skin but making the correct combinations and specially finding the appropriate orange shade according to our skin (cold or warm), will make us look so elegant for this season.

Many celebrities had also dress in this color for special occasions, like weddings or red carpets.

How to combine the color on a daily basis

Tangerine is a range color of the orange tone, which is the best almost for all type of skins. For cold skin you might chose for a darker tangerine color to enhance the factions. You will look fantastic no matter if you’re blonde or brunette. Use silk t-shirts, stamped or plain colored print, combine it with a pencil skirt in black color or casual pants. A dress inspired on the 60’s in a tangerine color is ideal for short & cold skin women. Combine it with black belts and a bandanna for an informal touch.

For women with warm tone of skin, the tangerine light color is the option. You will look terrific in this color if your hair is dark and you’re a brunette. A sleeveless dress knee length will be perfect to go to the office. High heels will stylish your body.

How to combine the color during the night

It could be a night out with your friends, a professional dinner or a wedding, tangerine color will be your best ally. Dresses in this color might look careless but knowing how to combine them could make us the most elegant of the party.

If the celebration is during the night, a chiffon long dress will be the best option. Look for an off shoulder dress for a fancy touch. A loose up do will be the best hair style; the main character of your look will be the color. Accessories need to be in gold.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, expressed that the orange color is present also in the denim fashion jeans. “I think this color looks terrific on denim, it gives a sense of happiness and women look really great when dressing up using this color”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.