XV Celebration

celebration XV Celebration, what is on trending?

The XV celebration is a Mexican tradition that is still celebrated on many states of the country, Mexico City, specially. Has everything in the world, some things have changed thru the years.


Trending is still bid dresses with a lot of fabric, crinoline, and an embroidery corset, but the colors have changed and now they prefer neon colors with converse decorated with rhinestones or stamped with the name of the party girl.


Most of the parties are now being celebrated with a DJ that plays a music list, Ed Sheeran, One Direction, Rhianna or Justin Bieber are the favorite artists.


This is a tradition that does not change, party saloons are still in the only thing new on the decoration are the led lights on the tables.


Hummer trucks or beetles are parked for rent at the Historic Center of Mexico City. The trip includes drinks without alcohol for the party girl and her friends.


Like in any other party, a party planner is also needed to place a dessert table; it could be sweet or salty candy. A floor cake from Sanborns does not make a girl happy anymore.


It still a tradition that the young girls dances with her father and then change her clothes and then perform a modern dance, the rhythm depends on the girl, some of them choose pop, hip hop, etc. Some girls even hire an imitator of a famous singer like Justin Bieber to perform a show during the party.

Pictures and video

The trending now is to place a cabin of instant photographs and then create a hashtag to identify them when they are loaded on the social media. Taking a video during the party is still a tradition.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, a successful businessman from Mexico thinks that a quinceañera is a great tradition in Mexico. “I’m happy to see that the people still celebrates a VX party for the young girls, a different trending is a also to make a trip to another country but the tradition of having a party is so significant to preserve memories on our hearth”, said an enthusiastic Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.