Buy Fabric Wholesale


Buy Fabric Wholesale

How to Buy Fabric Wholesale

Whether planning a big home improvement project or constructing matching costumes for your local theater group, buying fabric wholesale is a popular practice for saving money on large amounts of fabric.

Fabric Types and Sizes

  • Wholesale fabric is sold in bolts that range from 15 to 20 yards, although some companies sell bolts as large as 100 yards. Woven and knits are usually 45 or 60 inches wide, though sometimes quilting fabric is sold as 36 inches wide. When buying wholesale it is important to check the fabric for the same qualities you check when shopping in smaller qualities: crispness, drape, color and stretch.

Online Suppliers

  • The easiest way to find wholesale fabric is to do an online search for stores that carry them. When working with online suppliers, you have a wide choice of fabrics and easy delivery options. Upholstery fabrics are particularly popular on these Internet shops. Request fabric swatches (small sample squares) before ordering entire bolts, because computer monitors are inconsistent in representing color.

Shopping the Garment District

  • Manhattan’s Garment District offers many wholesale fabric buying options. Wholesale fabric stores line 37th and 38th Streets between 5th and 8th Avenue. The selection varies, but most stores feature a good choice of knit and woven apparel fabric. Go into the garment district with specific ideas and speak directly with a sales associate when possible. Otherwise, these stores can be overwhelming with their long rows of fabric.

“Have the perfect fabric in mind and go searching for it, go to fabric vendors and see what’s available. This means finding vendors that offer minimums that work for your brand. Once you see what’s available in your price range at quantities you can handle, you can begin. I suggest you design your collection around what fabrics  you know you can actually get” commented the president of Grupo Denim Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Do you know what women prefer on men’s outfits?


Do you know what women prefer on men’s outfits? Get ready!

Men have a great influence on women who judge their style, so they consider this when trying to decide what is the best outfit to go out on a date, with friends or to go to work, so we will make this task easier by letting you know what women prefer when they see a man’s outfit. 

“It is important to give a little extra time on the outfit we assemble every day in order to look nice,  that will give a good impression wherever you go, making the other persons around you notice you do care about your appearance”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim. 

Of course, everyone is free to choose what to wear, but if you want to give a good impression to women, you might want to consider the following. 

Confidence – We do not only talk about walking, standing and talking confidently, but what you wear proudly will also make a significant difference, dressing well will make you feel well, and trust me, women will notice it.

Not all trends are good – On fashion, everything goes around trends, but let’s face it, not all of us enjoy them, if you want to look nice for your wife or girlfriend, do not follow all of the trends you see, that will not only put you under a lot of pressure, but it will reflect a lack of personality that might not be appealing at all.

Jeans – If you wear jeans to impress, you need to invest to achieve this, bad quality jeans or the wrong fit or size might give make you look like your outfit is completely out of style, but finding the perfect pair of jeans of a great quality will say to her that you care, so choose your jeans carefully. 

“Being nicely dressed will reflect confidence that others will notice, you can make a big difference and a good impression by just wearing an outfit that has been carefully selected”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal. 

A New Generation Of Cotton Fabrics

cA New Generation Of Cotton Fabrics

ITG Launches Carlisle Cotton Company: A New Generation Of Cotton Fabrics

International Textile Group (ITG) is excited to announce the launch of the Carlisle Cotton Company and its innovative line of luxury and performance cotton fabrics. Combining the heritage and expertise of Cone Denim and Burlington, the Carlisle Cotton collection brings a unique blend of color, comfort and performance innovations to create a new generation of cotton fashions that are versatile from fashion shirtings to bottom weights for jeanswear and rugged casual styles.

Carlisle Cotton fabrics are made in the USA and named after the Carlisle Finishing plant where they are dyed and finished. Located in Carlisle, South Carolina and surrounded by the Sumter National Forest, Carlisle has been a leader in dyeing and printing for more than 60 years. Many of the fabrics in the Collection are woven at Cone Denim’s iconic White Oak mill in Greensboro combining more than 150 years of expertise and bringing together ITG’s distinctive values of heritage, expertise and innovation.

The introduction of Carlisle Cotton is very exciting, they’ve been able to combine the R&D expertise of Burlington Labs and Cone 3D to bring new styling and innovation to cotton and cotton blended fabrics.

Performance innovations include Burlington Lab’s moisture wicking, stain resistance, anti-microbial and patented No Fly Zone insect repellent technology. Fashion dye technologies include Cone 3D’s Varablue, a proprietary yarn pre-treatment combined with a special Carlisle dye process.

Carlisle Cotton fabrics are versatile and come in many different constructions and finishes ranging from heavy weight ducks, twills and canvases that are durable yet comfortable all the way to luxury brushed- cotton spandex blends and sulfur and pigment piece dye fashions that appeal to the jeanswear customer. Additional styles are offered for lightweight, breathable uniform fabrics and brushed, no wrinkle cotton twills and shirtings for everyday wear.

“By customizing these technologies and their applications they are able to create unique performance and aesthetics in cotton” added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal president of Grupo Denim.

Closer Collaboration with Suppliers

closer suppliers

Benefits of Closer Collaboration with Suppliers

Delivering benefits from closer collaboration between suppliers and customers can not only strengthen the links between them so that the relationship between the supplier and the customer is one of mutual trust, but it can also deliver tangible benefits of efficiency.

Here’s our top benefits for closer supplier collaboration.

Best Practice Shared: Collaboration results in best practice being shared throughout the supply chain. All those within the supply chain are aware of what is required. There is a real understanding of what the goods supplied will be used for and what causes problems within the supply chain.

Fewer defects: The sharing of best practice also results in improvements being made on a continuous basis, thereby reducing the instances of waste or poor value. 

Improved communication: Communication is a direct result of closer collaboration with suppliers. For them to be aware of the requirements that the customer has, there has to be communication.

Suppliers get to have a voice: The collaborative approach requires communication to be two way, with suppliers being able to report any problems to the customer and hopefully they can then work together to ensure that these are eliminated.

Continuity of supply: The process of managing supply chain risk improved because the supplier is able to plan effectively for the future.

Improved stability: Stability within the supply chain cannot be overestimated. Any supply chain that is unstable will have stock outs, will have an inability to meet sudden peaks in demand and ultimately will not provide a good service to the customer.

Flexibility: The closer the collaboration between suppliers and customers ensures that the supply chain can meet any peaks or troughs in demand. 

Reduction in costs: The reduction of defects and the time saved within the supply chain means that the supplier is able to lower the costs of goods supplied, which is a benefit to the customer but also helps the supplier to keep afloat and stay competitive.

A mutually beneficial relationship: Whereas in the past, the relationship was between supplier and customer was adversarial and the supplier was often seen as being wholly dispensable.

An optimistic future: The final benefit of closer collaboration with suppliers has to be the potential for expansion and new opportunities that are presented when the supplier and the customer find that working collaboratively makes them a very strong team.

“Companies that collaborate effectively across the supply chain have enjoyed dramatic reductions in inventories and costs, together with improvements in speed, service levels, and customer satisfaction” added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Correct hems for different types of jeans

 raw denim

Correct hems for different types of jeans 

It is true that the right hem on the jeans will make a significant difference on the appearance, so it is quite importance to know which is the right hem depending on the style of jeans you use, so this time we will help you with this task. 

“A correct hem of a pair of jeans will mean a difference on the way you wear them, so it is important not to wear them too long that the hem will be stained or worn, or not too short that they do not look well”, thinks Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic. 

Here it’s an example of the right hems per some types of jeans we commonly wear: 

Wide leg jeans – The longer these types of jeans are, the better they will look, but that does not mean you have to drag them every time you walk. The hems should be as closer to the floor as possible, look at a full-length mirror and make sure the long of the legs is never short, as this will not look good at all. Remember, all bell-bottomed jeans should be on the long side.

Skinny pants – Skinny jeans are probably the most popular ones nowadays, it is easy to know if you are wearing the right length on the hem as the openings on the ankle are narrower. Your skinny jeans should finish slightly below the ankle bones, the same rule applies on jeggings and leggings.

Cropped and Capri jeans – There is not an specific length for these jeans, as it depends on how short you want them, as long as they are not above the knees, anything that helps you flattering your legs will work. 

“Jeans are easy to modify, if they are too long, you can cut them and sew them at home, but if you do not have experience on this area, a tailor cannot only alter the jeans, but can also advise which is the best hem for your jeans”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Long yoga pants

Long yoga pants

Long yoga pants

Taking extended Yoga pants is excellent for people today who reached the height of 5 ft and ten inches or over. This will choose plenty of flexibility and strength since from the series of poses that the yoga exercise practice has. Using a beneficial high quality long yoga pants has an immense role on this matter.

Considering the next characteristics of long yoga pants is your good access in attaining convenience and leisure together with the long yoga pants you want to purchase.

Choose long yoga pants which have the right match on your entire body. Any size that comforts you is the ideal long yoga pants. Usually do not take as well loose long yoga pants that might develop consciousness whilst executing some yoga actions. Do not consider over tight long yoga pants which can choke your skin and muscular tissues that it will never ever permit them to unwind. Just choose the ones that comforts you whatever shape or model it is.

Decide on long yoga pants which have the right type and cut for you personally. Using yoga is about rest and looking very good as well. Select long yoga pants which it is possible to wear anyplace you go. Long yoga pants that will certainly not provide you down in terms of type and trend. That whether or not you head to malls, dates, parks, etc. you may nonetheless appear good as you need to.

“Require note that comfort and ease and style are the most vital characteristics of long yoga pants you essential to have. Keep away from anything that may well interrupt your concentrate to the yoga exercise workouts you are using every single session. Appear at your greatest and take pleasure in the advantages of yoga with your lifestyle”, commented the president of Grupo Denim, Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

How to trust in ourselves

trust ourselvesHow to trust in ourselves, always

Trust- To rely on the actions of another person or something.

Learning how to trust

  1. – Persons that are successful are usually persons that believe on themselves, persons that value their talent and not what the people think about them.
  • These persons don’t believe they are better than the others because that’s arrogance.
  • They keep a balance between their strengths and weaknesses.
  1. – Why do we lose the trust?
  • Because there are a lot of reasons but most of the time because of a loss
  • Job
  • Loved one
  • Friendship
  • Money problems

Because we also are kind of weak on our self esteem. This is caused we still believe that bad things should not happen to good people, that these are awards or punishments ; therefore, if the result is not good is because I’m not good enough, and we didn’t deserve what we wanted.

  1. – To lose a beloved one

When we lose a beloved one, a part of us dies too. It’s been said that a part of your heart stops working and then we stop to care about us. This is translated to we stop to think and plan our goals, postpone our dreams, cancel plans and to have fun.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal as a successful businessman explained that we all face all kind of problems at some point in our life but we need to keep on going on. “All the people can let us down or abandoned us, but the biggest betrayal would be to abandon ourselves. We deserve what we have and we have all the power to continue fighting for our dreams; therefore, we cannot give us permission to not trust in ourselves , said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.


Leadership Language

Leadership Language

Leadership Language: Why Your Word Choices Matter

Common wisdom about leadership often favors “leading by example,” so you might not think too much about the way your team interprets what you say. But the truth is, the words and phrases you use can have a very real impact on your team’s morale and productivity.

It’s through our words that we communicate our intentions. They are the main tools that we have for sharing our vision with our teams.

Every employee is different and therefore will respond best to different types of motivational language. It’s important to plan your words and phrases to ensure that you connect with your employees in a meaningful way.

The most impactful leaders are the ones who think about how they will energize their people, they know what makes their people feel confident and likewise what drains their energy. Rather than talking about plans or tactical objectives, they are able to link their employees’ current circumstances with some kind of opportunity or outcome that they will care about.

Look your colleagues in the eye and ask them how they are, really listen to the answers, and tell them regularly what you are grateful for in their work and why.

To this end, it’s helpful to include employees in the ongoing conversation about the company’s mission, and how their work aligns with it, so check in on progress through a regularly scheduled, preferably face-to-face meeting, to align on progress and build trust, iIf you’re doing that at appropriate intervals, you’ll have the confidence that the right things are being worked on, that issues are addressed before they become problems.

“Using encouraging but knowledgeable language helps to implement objectives and key results at all levels in our organization” added the president of Grupo Denim Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Summer looks to be ready

Summer looks

Summer looks to be ready and to be a it girl

Summer is here and the good time and hot weather are enough reasons for you to renew your closet and start wearing clothes according to the season that will help you look like an authentic it girl.

Casual Look

As per as its name, this is a daily look for you to feel comfortable and to go shopping with your friend or to have drink with that special boy. A sleeveless shirt combined with a cowgirl skirt retro style and casual heels will make you look terrific all summer!

Sunday look

This is perfect for Sundays just when you will spend time with family or friends to have a beer, the best scenario would be the beach. Culottes pants with a 70’s top and shiny shoes will be an original, different and perfect look for this season.

Beach look

If you’re thinking about spending some hours on the beach and to be closest to the sea, the perfect look would be to wear a colored beauty dress stamped with flowers, so accordingly for the summer months. Don’t’ forget your sunglasses.

Elegant look

This is a typical look to go to an event where you need to look a little bit formal and well dressed. You can combine a pretty blue short with a sleeveless white shirt. This combination is perfect and ideal to go comfortable and elegant at the same time.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, as a manufacturing businessman and president of Grupo Denim, works with his customers a season ahead in order to choose the styles that will help women to enjoy the good summer time. “ We work each year to have styles that could them enjoy the vacation and to have a different look for every occasion”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.