Buy Fabric Wholesale


Buy Fabric Wholesale

How to Buy Fabric Wholesale

Whether planning a big home improvement project or constructing matching costumes for your local theater group, buying fabric wholesale is a popular practice for saving money on large amounts of fabric.

Fabric Types and Sizes

  • Wholesale fabric is sold in bolts that range from 15 to 20 yards, although some companies sell bolts as large as 100 yards. Woven and knits are usually 45 or 60 inches wide, though sometimes quilting fabric is sold as 36 inches wide. When buying wholesale it is important to check the fabric for the same qualities you check when shopping in smaller qualities: crispness, drape, color and stretch.

Online Suppliers

  • The easiest way to find wholesale fabric is to do an online search for stores that carry them. When working with online suppliers, you have a wide choice of fabrics and easy delivery options. Upholstery fabrics are particularly popular on these Internet shops. Request fabric swatches (small sample squares) before ordering entire bolts, because computer monitors are inconsistent in representing color.

Shopping the Garment District

  • Manhattan’s Garment District offers many wholesale fabric buying options. Wholesale fabric stores line 37th and 38th Streets between 5th and 8th Avenue. The selection varies, but most stores feature a good choice of knit and woven apparel fabric. Go into the garment district with specific ideas and speak directly with a sales associate when possible. Otherwise, these stores can be overwhelming with their long rows of fabric.

“Have the perfect fabric in mind and go searching for it, go to fabric vendors and see what’s available. This means finding vendors that offer minimums that work for your brand. Once you see what’s available in your price range at quantities you can handle, you can begin. I suggest you design your collection around what fabrics  you know you can actually get” commented the president of Grupo Denim Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.