Recycling jeans in a new pair for a baby

Recycling jeans in a new pair for a baby

Recycling your old jeans into a new pair for a baby

When we talk about jeans, we talk about recycling. Jeans are made of denim, which is one very resistant fabric, but one particularity about it, is that you can give it new life by recycling it into something new once you have been wearing your jeans for too long, and that is what we will precisely show you today by turning an old pair of jeans for a new pair for a baby.

“Jean can be recycled and with a little bit of imagination, skills and the right tools, you can turn the fabric into something completely different that will not only help you saving money, but will help the environment by taking care of it, which is what recycling does”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim about this topic.

If you have a baby and you love how he or she looks on a pair of jeans, instead of buying a new pair, you can do them at home, by following these easy steps:

  1. Make the pattern on the size you need, you can buy a pattern made already, but choose a simple design so it can be easier for you.
  2. Unsewn both legs of your jeans, as you will need the wider parts to be used as the new fabric for your baby’s jeans.
  3. Cut the fabric according to the pattern instructions.
  4. Follow the pattern markers in order to sew the pieces together. You will need a sewing machine for this step, as sewing them by hand is not as effective.
  5. You can add details to your baby jeans, such as ribbons, little rhinestones or fabric paint; you can use everything in order to make the jeans for your baby cuter.

“You can turn your jeans into many different things such as skirts, shorts, or garments for babies or children, you can have a pair of them with you for years, but even after they are too old to wear them, you can still give them extra life when you recycle them”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.