Colors for fall-winter 2016-2017

colors for fall and winter 2016-2017

Fashionable colors for fall and winter 2016-2017

Fashion is about shapes, printing and of course color, and since summer is seeing its last days, it is time to start talking about all those colors that will give too much to talk about for fall and winter 2016-2017.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, advised about this topic “there are many different colors launched every year, and denim garments are great to combine with all of them, besides, they can be worn all year long”.

Here are some very fashionable colors that will be seen on the streets on the next coming weeks:

  • Riverside – It is a shade of blue that will be very special for autumn and winter, this is a cold but pretty vibrant tone, able to transmit confidence and stability, combine it with dark tones for a sophisticated look.
  • Aurora Red – Not only it is the most potent color on the color pallet, you will be looking sexy with it and will caught sights at your pace. Combine it with grey clothes for a balanced and chic look.
  • Warm taupe – It is a basic and pretty nice shade, and it is basic for autumn and summer, and it goes great with all shades. Combine a warm taupe coat with your skinny jeans and matching ankle boots.
  • Bodacious – An attractive purple shade with a little touch of pink, this shade is great for a very sophisticated look, and when combined with the warm taupe you can also have a retro outfit.
  • Lush meadow – A green shade extremely sophisticated, this tone gives the perfect balance to an outfit, personifying the nature, so use this color on your clothes this coming season.

“Different colors transmit different emotions, so when you put your outfit together, it is important that you know what these colors mean so you can choose the right one depending on your style, but also consider the importance of choosing whatever you feel more comfortable with, that will give you confidence and nothing makes an outfit look better than it”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.