Leatherette jeans

Leatherette jeans

Leatherette jeans: a different way to include jeans in your wardrobe

With so many different types of jeans available in the market, sometimes it is overwhelming trying to find the right ones, but it is worth spending a couple of hours looking for the right jeans, as due to their resistance, you can have them with you for years. Today, we will present you a different alternative to fashion your outfits: leatherette jeans.

A great option to wear these leatherette jeans is to pick up the high rise version, it is great for flattering your shape, and the construction allows you to avoid having a muffin effect and making your waist look smaller.

Combine your leatherette jeans with long tops and short jackets, this will give you the perfect balance and will make you look stylish. They are perfect for the colder weather.

If you have decided to make a different choice and jeans and decide for the leatherette version, look for the quality, stitches must look resistant and the pockets should be plain, that will give you a slimmer effect and will round up your lower part in a wonderful way.

The coating on the leatherette jeans is also a very important part, so when you buy them, make sure they shine as you want, the less they shine, the more natural they will look like, but if you choose a very shiny pair, they will look more like faux leather ones.

Leatherette jeans are great to wear in Autumn and Winter, were the dark colors have a big presence, so combine them with grey tops and shoes to get a very chic look. They are pretty easy to combine with other dark tones, such as crimson or brown, but they also go perfect with white.

“There are many different types of jeans, with fits, colors and finishes that combine perfectly with many different tops, it is very easy to find the perfect ones for each style”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.