Jeans for men in winter

Jeans fr men in winterPants and jeans for men for winter 2016

Since we are getting closer to winter, we wanted to share with you what will be the latest trends on jeans and dress pants for men for this coming season.

“Jeans are great partners for men’s fashion, for being very comfortable to wear in a day at the office or to go out, easy to combine, which is what men look for on a garment and quite resistant, so you can have them with you for years, no wonder why jeans become more popular each year”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Here are some of the dress pants and jeans that you will see in the streets for men’s fashion this winter

  • Ripped jeans – These jeans were a hit in summer and will continue being during fall and winter, so if you do not have those jeans with holes in the knees, you might be thinking seriously about getting a pair.
  • Navy dress pants – Perfect for this winter, they combine with everything but you will look amazing if you combine them with a mustard sweater.
  • Vintage jeans – These jeans are similar to the ripped jeans, except that the holes are more subtle, they remind us to the 90’s styles, so if you have an old pair, is time to take them off your closet.
  • Sport pants – These pants will be a trend, especially on dark colors.
  • Slim Fit – We will see a tighter version of these jeans, accentuating the male’s shape, if you have a pair, wear them this winter with your favorite jacket.

“There are plenty of different options for men’s fashion for winter, but one garment that should never be missing in a closet is a pair of jeans, as those complement the outfits in a very fashionable way”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.