Best garments for denim vest

Best garments for a denim vest

What garments go best with your denim vest?

A denim vest is a basic garment on a girl’s wardrobe, but what other garments to perfect with it? Keep on reading as we will answer this question in this article.

“A denim vest, just like any other garments manufactured with this fabric is very easy to combine, so they are the perfect complement for any outfit and for those persons who always look for ways to include a denim garment in their daily outfits”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Here are some garments that look great when you combine them with your denim vest:

  • With leggings – If you love being comfortable, combine your denim vest with leather leggings and a casual shirt. This will give you a great effortless look and you will look very fashionable too.
  • With a dress – No matter what kind of dress you are wearing, long, short, tight, with floral prints, you can always complement them with a cute denim vest.
  • With jeans – Maybe you are not entirely sure about the combination, but the double denim style is more often worn, so try it on with a crop to and ankle boots, you will look pretty nice and do not forget that the shades on the jeans and vest must be different.
  • Skirts and shorts – In fall you can wear your skirts or shorts with tights, and if you want to complement your outfit, add denim vest and ankle boots for a very cool look.

“Denim garments are essential in a closet. A pair of jeans are timeless, so you can wear them all year long if you wish, they are never out of fashions, such as other garments manufactured with this same fabric, such as shirts, jackets or shorts”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.