Combinations with men’s jeans

combinations for men’s jeans

Best combinations for men’s jeans

Men like jeans for being very comfortable, resistant and versatile, which mean they can wear them at any places and all day long and move free, plus they can combine their jeans easily and look good on them, and in this article we will give you some brilliant ideas that will allow you to include this garment in your daily outfits.

“Jeans offer many different characteristics that made them unique, no wonder why this is the most popular garment on the fashion world, and an essential piece at men and women’s closets”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Men, we have some amazing options to make different combinations with your favorite jeans, check out these suggestions:

  • It is important to have the classic colors of jeans, as you will be able to combine them easily, so always have a light and dark blue denim pair of jeans, plus black and grey ones.
  • Every man must have a black t-shirt, and pair of jeans at the closet, as those are part of the basics and when you combine them you will look great and feel comfortable with this outfit.
  • If you prefer to look trendy, combine your favorite jeans with a plaid shirt.
  • If you like to get a casual look and you love the double denim style, combine a denim jacket with a white tee and your jeans.
  • For an urban style, combine your black jeans with a “V” neck t-shirt. Do not forget that accessories also play an important part, so you can add a black hat to your outfit.

“Jeans are very easy to combine, so you can always look nicely dressed when you wear a pair of jeans and combine them with your favorite t-shirt or wear them with a shirt at the office”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.