Faux leather clothes


Faux leather, how wearing it and not dying sweating

It is not necessary to invest a huge amount of money to buy a leather clothe, now you could be a nature lover and choose faux leathers in addition to look very cool. The key is how could we wear faux leather and not dying sweating?

Like a baby

Fall is coming and the weather will be perfect to wear these kind of clothes, because it will help us to avoid all the excessive sweating; nevertheless, a perfect tip to avoid it and that will help no matter what the weather is, will be to forget about your body lotion. Put some baby powder on the zones that you think are most conflictive, you will not also be fresh but will prevent your skin from damage.

Two is always better than one

If you would like to wear faux leather pants or leggings, try using thin stockings under the clothes, it would be easier to put them on and they will not stick on your skin.

Good combination

If it is a jacket, use it with a cotton t-shirt, this way your skin will be in contact with a natural fiber clothe and you could be more fresh.

Perfect fit

It does not matter the piece of clothing, look out for a perfect fit, it should not be loose or too tight, and this way you will avoid other to see the lines of your underwear.

So clean

It is also fair that care for your clothes, if it is dirty then it is recommended to send it to the dry cleaner. If there are just superficial stains you can just clean them up by using a piece of wet fabric with soap. You can also avoid the stains from being on your clothes by always carrying wet wipes.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, said that faux leather clothes are great to be in fashion. “Just be careful to follow all cleaning and wearing tips from this article and you will be fine”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


What is the networking?

What is the networking?

What is the networking and how does it work?

Networking is a basic tool to make any type of businesses to grow up, by having a net of different contacts that will contribute with this goal, and you can start using this resource to have a better and bigger selection of contacts.

Networking is a term used to define any group of elements that will help you sharing information of any type of human activities.

“Internet has become of so much help to help businesses to advance, as the communication has improved and it is a great way to make your company be known all around the world, and so is the networking, as having a list of contacts can be the difference between making a company to expand or to keep on staying on the same site”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

One thing we must remember is that the use of the Internet has increased considerably, and it is now of great importance in the world, and networks have allowed to create nets of contacts of all types in a matter of seconds, and many people has noticed this and are interested, more than ever, in the networking system.

The economic activity in the whole world is now using the Internet to create new nets of contacts that will allow them to get more information and expand their elements to reach new goals, such as an increment on their sales or getting new customers. We can take the banks as an example of this, we see more websites each day where their customers can access to hire their products or services, checking their accounts or making transfers, that is known as e-commerce, another tool proportionated by Internet.

Networking for businesses consists on a person being able to find potential customers or partners, or to make your company be known in more places.

“Internet is basic for our daily lives, and as for the networking, is not just a matter of having a list of contacts, it is also important to identify them and create strong links between them and your company, to keep on having a healthy business relationship with them in the future”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

What is the Index?


What is the Index in Mexico?

Index is a private body dedicated to represent the interests and needs of maquiladoras and manufacturer exporting companies in Mexico.

“Organisms like Index are a very important tool for manufacturing enterprises in Mexico, as we are always trying to get consultancies in order to export products abroad in an easy manner and it is great to have an institution like Index to help us doing this”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a manufacturing company in Mexico.

Index represents an 80% total of the labor force of the exporting industry, which is more than 2,250,000 workers in total, who are employed in more than 1,200 exporting enterprises in more than 20 different cities in Mexico.

This shows the importance of the manufacturer industry and exporting companies for Mexico’s economy, as these enterprises create many new job sources for Mexicans, generating profits and attracting new foreign direct invest, but there are some other factors to consider maquiladoras’ industry as one of the most important for the country: it promotes the exporting Mexican industry, create development opportunities with responsibility and integrity, and collaborates with the authorities to have exportations in rule as well as promotes the employee training.

The Index national representation is supported by the local and regional representation through maquiladoras and manufacturing companies, answering to the constant modifications about the Mexican laws at its different levels, by solving any legal uncertainty for enterprises in this sector, which helps them saving operation costs.

“Index has developed their function by working hard to make sure the manufacturing and exporting companies know the regulation in productive and administrative aspects and to advise if they are complying correctly with their obligations with the Mexican government, which is of great help for enterprises like Grupo Denim to have an organization like this in Mexico that comes with information and solutions of the different topics that we are concerned about”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Improved manufacturing quality

Improved Manufacturing Quality

Five Steps to Improved Manufacturing Quality

Good managers seek to contain costs in the manufacturing environment. There is no better cost to eliminate than the cost of poor quality. Scrap material and lost labor hours add no value to the operation.

  1. Use a Team Mindset

Quality won’t be sustainably improved by individuals. To really make lasting and meaningful change in manufacturing processes, it will take a team based approach.

  1. Define Quality from the Customer Perspective

Too often, staff within a manufacturing environment want to make a product “better” but don’t really know what better means. With additional cost, we almost always can make a product better.

  1. Develop Organizational Understanding of the Cost of Quality

The cost to fix a defect in the field once it reaches a customer is dramatically higher than the cost to fix the source of the problem before it is created. It is essential that the manufacturing staff be trained to understand the cost multipliers involved with warranty repair or replacement and cost of damaged reputation. Once the staff take this perspective, a desire to find root cause for problem solving is inherently developed.

  1. Solve Problems Completely

All too often, manufacturing quality improvements fix the symptoms of failure rather than the root cause. This can be done by adding quality inspection steps or rework stations that make it more efficient to fix defects.

  1. Employ Strong Process Discipline

Throughout the quality improvement process, it is essential that strong process discipline is employed. Depending on the product that is being manufactured, deviation without proper team cooperation and anticipation of the change could have dire quality repercussions.

In order to best eliminate these wastes, a strategic approach to quality improvement is essential. By following these five steps, quality can be improved in a meaningful, sustainable way commented Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

E-commerce killing big retail stores

E-Commerce killing big retail stores

E-Commerce killing big retail stores, should we all get on line?

Internet crushed our life upside down. Nowadays we can have friends from the entire world; we can have web conferences, get any kind of information in an instant and buy all kind of products.

The first online stores sold books back in 1992, and now you can buy everything on internet: clothing, tickets, electronics, etc…The only troubles that this system is facing is that the customer does not see the goods and the wait time because when we go into a retail store we see something that we like, we take it and we buy it; however, there are a lot of benefits on the on line shopping and this is why it is getting most popular every day, especially because of the costs, on line stores are much cheaper than a retail store. No rent and bills get paid, only web hosting and technical support.

Right now, all the brands are building their stores online because life is getting by so fast that people do not have enough time to go and buy from retail stores anymore, they want everything to be fast and easy, housewives order their market on line and they can have it on their door by the next day, we can buy our favorite jeans or presents at the same time without running thru all the store.

Jeanswear brands are putting all their collections on line and they are increasing their sales, production orders are increased to contractors and manufacturers in this sector.

Grupo Denim, a manufacturing leader company in Mexico, reports a sales increase after putting a website with all the company information and provided services. For Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, its president, even if the ecommerce represent the closing of so many retail stores in the beginning future and even if Grupo Denim does not sale jeans on line, their services are offered on its website and this has been a great jump for the company business. “As Bill Gates said: If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Responsible sourcing

 Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing, a great initiative from VF Corporation

VF Corporation is running a new program called “Responsible Sourcing” which is an initiative that ensures that their contractor suppliers are operating with the same high standards that they set for their own factory plants. The objectives of the program are to:

• Maintain safe and healthy environments for all workers.
• Manufacture products and source raw materials responsibly and ethically.
• Reduce the environment impact of our business.
• Improve the standard of living for all workers who make our products.

Founded in 1899 as the Reading Glove and Mitten Manufacturing Company, VF has been manufacturing textiles for more than 115 years. Today, VF owns and operates 30 manufacturing facilities and sources from more than 2,000 contractor factories around the world. By enhancing supply chain collaboration, they will drive improved practices benefiting workers, factory performance, the environment, the communities where they operate, and the consumers who buy their products. There are four key elements to VF’s Responsible Sourcing program:

1. Putting worker’s well-being first: Ensuring worker’s lives are protected through critical life safety and compliance support.
2. Raw material traceability and stewardship: Building material-flow transparency to ensure ethical raw material sourcing practices.
3. Environmental and social sustainability: Positively impacting people and the planet with a measurement-based approach to guide decisions.
4. Sustainable living environments: Providing access to health, nutrition and clean water services to enrich worker’s lives.

VF’s history as a leader in manufacturing and sourcing is storied. The Responsible Sourcing program begins another chapter that leads them, together with their sourcing partners, into a more sustainable future.
Grupo Denim is manufacturing company located in Mexico and also a VF sourcing partner since decades which is already working on fulfilling all the objectives of this program. “I think this program is a great new motor on the manufacturing business, Peter Higgins, Director of Sustainable Operations has already been in our plant and we are really looking forward to operate and improve any standard already in place”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Industry for entrepreneurs in Mexico

Industry for entrepreneurs in Mexico

Industry for entrepreneurs in Mexico is promising for 2016

Over the last 14 years, the capital industry for entrepreneurs in Mexico has grown at a steady pace, with 28% annual, and nowadays, there are 155 active finances that invest 38% of their resources in small and medium businesses, 30% in real estates, 20% in infrastructure, and 4% in entrepreneur’s capital.

Some investors usually thinks twice before they put their money on startups as they are more risky, as they have the highest percentage as non-viable, but, per Gerardo Herrera,  Director of Communications for Risk Mathics, investors should take a chance with new businesses as they help creating more job sources and innovation for the country.

Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, gave us his opinion about the entrepreneurs in Mexico:

Interviewer: Do you think investors must risk with the entrepreneurs who open new businesses?

Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal: Of course, entrepreneurs have always done incredible things for the country, some of them have started with an idea, and they now have some of the biggest companies in Mexico.

I: Do you think Mexico’s government supports entrepreneurs?

SJMV: I know there are programs in the country to support entrepreneurs who help them make their dream of establishing their own business come true.

A small enterprise tends to grow fast, which means their profits increase very quickly, they tend to create new markets, contrast with some of the big companies that are already established in a defined market.

Mexico counts with a program known as Inadem, which is intended to support entrepreneurs on the country, approving investment funds that are destined for startups.

“Mexico is awakening to private equity, organizations such as Inadem need to impulse more funds to support entrepreneurs in this country with a growing economy”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Textile Industry working on reinventing itself

Textile Industry working on reinventing itself

Textile Industry working on reinventing itself

The textile industry is continuing facing the illegal textile trading and now the companies need to think and work very hard to develop new ideas not just to fight the sale of the illegal garments at a lower price but also to be more competitive. The industry cannot wait for the government to solve the problem so actions must be taken against this scenario.

Since the problem cannot be solved immediately, the only way right now to work against it, is to develop new markets, following the most highest levels of quality control, buying and selling is no longer enough for the textile entrepreneur and now is the time to look for new tendencies of design and production that are already running all around the world; if not, the apparel industry will be left behind; however, the view seems to be promising and the government is already informing that the illegal trading is decreasing, feeling confident that the programs they are running are giving the expected results.

Industrial entrepreneurs foresee the apparel business in Mexico to grow in the following years, for Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, it is mandatory to offer quality products, this is how the company has been present in the market through all these years without been affected by illegal trading of the local business.

“I think that we need to build a partnership between designers, vendors and entrepreneurs in order to create and consolidate biggest fashion collections, we need to keep on doing the apparel trade shows to make stronger relationships for the Mexican market, showing machinery, chemicals, new fabrics, new manufacturing processes, runways, business and exportation plans, investment and also conferences about new trending, we need to keep on innovating”, said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Textile industry

Textile industry

Importance of textile industry

Textile industry includes all type of business related to the development and production of different fibers, from sheep producers to cotton planters, who are in charge of turning the fibers into threads, those who turn threads in weaves and those who dye, bleach and finish the fabrics.

Textile industry also includes chemical companies in charge of producing synthetic fibers, as well as wholesalers of fabrics.

“Textiles are in our daily life, we can find them in our cars, furniture, windows, clothes, practically everywhere, textile industry is one of the most important activities in Mexico, as it helps the country’s economy as well as being an important source of jobs”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Textiles have existed almost since humanity did and as well as human beings evolved, textiles did it too, not only in the way of wearing textiles but also in the way of producing them.

There are many companies depending of the textile industry, such as fashion, furniture or carpets manufacturers.

There is also a sector that had to open to cover the demands of the textile industry, such as sewing machines manufacturers or software vendors in charge of adapting their programs for this industry.

We can easily notice how the textile companies have grown up along the years as the fabrics will always be needed and many companies depend on their products, such as companies dedicated to produce needles, zippers, buttons, clothing accessories, among many others.

“Textile industry has a significant importance in Mexico for the amount of companies dedicated to this company. In Grupo Denim, we are always looking for vendors who are able to provide fabrics of the best quality, that will guarantee us offering a final product to the customers that will meet their requirements”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.

Mexico, the best manufacturer option

Mexico, the best manufacturer option

Mexico, the best manufacturer option for the United States

Grupo Denim, as well as other manufacturer companies in Mexico keep on being the best option to manufacture and export garments to the United States for different reasons that we will explain further on this note.

Different enterprises in USA were inquired about who they thought could be the best option to work with and more than half of them thinks that Mexico is the country with more possibilities to develop their workforce as partners, mainly for the closeness to each other, which means a significant saving in transportation and labor costs, as well as the efficiency to get their products delivered on time and the security that has improved considerably in Mexico.

“We, at Grupo Denim, work closely with great enterprises in the United States, and they look as optimistic as we do to keep on working together and growing our business for this 2016”, says Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of this company.

Comarca Lagunera, in Mexico has a considerable quantity of maquiladoras, near the United States, which has made them very attractive for USA companies to hire them to manufacture their garments; this activity is actually an important source of jobs and economy impulse in this north part of the country.

The relationship between Mexico and the United States’ Government s have also played an important part to impulse the work between both countries, allowing companies of both sides to start working or increase the production they had in the past years, plus the Free Trade Agreement that has been a key to make importations easier.

“We are glad to see that companies at USA are looking at Mexico as a good option to make businesses agreements and work together, in Grupo Denim, we work hard every day to gain new contracts that will allow us to increase our production and of course offer more employment to Mexican families”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.