Fashion advices for girls with curves

Fashion advices for girls with curves

Advices that girls with curves will love

There are perfect outfits for every girl, it is only a matter of finding the right combinations and this time we will focus to the girls with curves, showing you how to look incredible with easy advices that you will want to apply immediately.

“There are many different types of bodies, and so there are many different fits for jeans, so that everyone can find the perfect pair, that will make them feel comfortable and look good”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Your self-confidence is essential to project your beauty with everything you wear. If you are a girl with curves, check out these advices that will make you look very stylish:

  1. Become friend of stripes – Vertical stripes will create an optical illusion and your body will look larger. These garments will also flatter your curves.
  2. Skirts Type “A” – These skirts are perfect for any types of bodies, your curves and back part will look very stylish with them, denim skirts are an excellent choice as this fabric combines with everything.
  3. Tuck your shirts – This will visually decrease the size of your curves, if you wear a pair of jeans, tuck your shirt on them. If you wear a denim shirt, combine it with a black skirt and tuck it in there, but make sure the shirt is not too long.
  4. Wear dark colors – You should pick darker colors at the bottom and a neutral tone at the top; this will balance your shape perfectly.
  5. Check out the length of your jeans – When you wear a pair of jeans, make sure they are not too long as you would not want to seem shorter. Instead, cuff the hem when you wear flats and your jeans are longer than you need them.

“There are many different combinations you can try on your daily outfits with denim garments that everyone can add to their wardrobe”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, about this topic.

Winter garments for fashion girls

Winter garments for fashion girls

Winter garments for girls who love fashion

With every change of season we find different garments taking over the street styles and creating different trends, so in this article we will show you those garments you must try on this winter to look very fashionable.

“With the constant change of styles, it would be very costly to keep on renewing the closet every new season, so it is essential to have garments that will always look good, such as a pair of jeans, a timeless garment that adapts to any new trends easily”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, about this topic:

Here are the garments you will want to add to your closet this winter if you are in love with fashion:

  • Velvet clothes – Velvet is becoming very popular this season, with different clothes, such as dresses, suits, blouses, accessories and footwear. If you are not sure about turning velvet into the main character of your outfit, combining with denim garment to create a balance.
  • Pants – Culottes and high rise pants are a trend for the season in different fabrics, such as velvet and denim.
  • Fur – Fur is an important protagonist for winter’s outfits but in a very subtle way such as dresses with furry necks or fists. There are many garments with synthetic fur that you should add to your wardrobe.
  • Leather and vinyl – These two fabrics entered into the winter’s clothes, being the main competition for velvet with wonderful trench coats that you should try on for the season.

These are some clothes that you should try on during the last remaining months of winter; you will feel warm and look very fashionable with them.

“Denim garments are great to combine with every textile and color and you can combine them with your outfits all year long”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Mistakes on weekend’s outfits

Mistakes on weekends’ outfits

Fashion mistakes on weekends’ outfits

Weekends are days where we feel more relaxed, so we want to dress according to our state, but that does not mean you cannot look fashionable. In this article we will show you how to dress up freely and avoid those common fashion mistakes than can turn your weekends’ outfits into a disaster.

“It is important to always have a pair of jeans at the closet, as you will look well combined with them at any day of the week, and when you change the tops, you can create many different outfits accordingly to the occasion”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Here are some mistakes we commonly make on our weekends’ outfits:

  • Wearing a pair of jeans with a belt for dress pants. There are belts specially designed for your jeans, do not make a mistake by wearing a formal belt with your jeans.
  • Wearing your shirt out of your pants. Your dress shirts are longer than your normal shirts because their main purpose is for you to tuck them into your pants.
  • Your shoes are also important; leave the formal shoes for your suits and pull out of your closet your sneakers or loafers for your jeans.
  • If you love wearing t-shirts on weekends, make sure the length is the correct one, do not wear them too short; otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable and will not be able to raise your hands naturally. T-shirts are a great choice for weekends’ outfits and go great with a pair of jeans, when you choose the right type.
  • Wearing dirty clothes is not fine, even for weekends’ outfits.

“We transmit many different things with our clothes, that is why it is so important to choose the right ones whether it is for an important business appointment or to go out on a weekend”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Basic garments for traveling

Basic garments for traveling

Basic garments for traveling

When you travel, trying to get everything within a baggage can be a real nightmare, so to make this task easier we will show you what basic garments you must pack when traveling.

“When traveling it is important to pack according to the places you will visit, if you go to a business appointment, make sure the right clothes are in your baggage”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

There are many things to plan prior to traveling, but one thing that we usually do not plan is what to pack, if you want to make this task easier, check out the basic garments you must pack:

  • Jeans – Wherever you go, you will always need a pair of jeans. If you are travelling to a beach, denim shorts are also very helpful. Denim is quite adaptable, so you can take your denim garments for hot weather or colder one, and the best part is that it will easily combine with everything else you pack. The best option is a pair of dark skinny jeans, as those can work for a casual look or a glamorous one.
  • Black jeans – They are essential, as you will perfectly combine them with the tops you have in your baggage. You will be able to make plenty of different outfits with them.
  • Neutral colors – If you want to have fewer difficulties to combine your clothes, always pack blouses in neutral colors as those will be easier to combine. Choose black, blue or white blouses when travelling.
  • Little black dress – Do not underestimate the power of a little black dress. If you pack the right accessories and matching shoes, your possibilities to combine this garment increase considerably.

“When you pack basic clothes, it will not only save you time when choosing what to wear but it will also save you money as you will not need to buy any additional clothes while you are travelling”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Bra chains, the new trending

bra chainsBra chains, the new trend you need to try

This new trend has all women crazy about fashion. Bra chains are like those 1990 belly chains but now for your chest. The chains take the place of a bra and they frame the breasts but without holding up anything.

Right now women are obsessed with these chain bras because of the way they feel: feminine, beautiful and sexy and they are wearing them all the time, under the clothes. It is like wearing lingerie but the good thing is that you will not need to take them off.

The inspiration for this new trending comes from India of course, and the possibilities are endless.

We also need to take into account some things that would make us hate our chain bra:

  1. – Loose threads on our blouses because of the chain.
  2. – They are recommended only for small or medium breast women ,as everything needs to be in place in order for the bra to look in fashion.
  3. – They do not protect your breast.
  4. – Chains might hurt you, or leave little cuts on your skin.
  5. – Not recommended for a daily use as your boobs might get tired or hurt, the best season is summer time, or a beach party.
  6. – They are expensive.

It is up to you to wear them, we all should give a try and share experiences!! Some women are even starting to wear them over the clothes, let’s see what happens.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a successful manufacturing company from Mexico, said that this new trending seems to be very fun for women, especially for summer vacation. “I don’t think it would be a good idea to wear this king of bra all the time, but women are always taking the risk, like when they wear high heels”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.



Summer looks to be ready

Summer looks

Summer looks to be ready and to be a it girl

Summer is here and the good time and hot weather are enough reasons for you to renew your closet and start wearing clothes according to the season that will help you look like an authentic it girl.

Casual Look

As per as its name, this is a daily look for you to feel comfortable and to go shopping with your friend or to have drink with that special boy. A sleeveless shirt combined with a cowgirl skirt retro style and casual heels will make you look terrific all summer!

Sunday look

This is perfect for Sundays just when you will spend time with family or friends to have a beer, the best scenario would be the beach. Culottes pants with a 70’s top and shiny shoes will be an original, different and perfect look for this season.

Beach look

If you’re thinking about spending some hours on the beach and to be closest to the sea, the perfect look would be to wear a colored beauty dress stamped with flowers, so accordingly for the summer months. Don’t’ forget your sunglasses.

Elegant look

This is a typical look to go to an event where you need to look a little bit formal and well dressed. You can combine a pretty blue short with a sleeveless white shirt. This combination is perfect and ideal to go comfortable and elegant at the same time.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, as a manufacturing businessman and president of Grupo Denim, works with his customers a season ahead in order to choose the styles that will help women to enjoy the good summer time. “ We work each year to have styles that could them enjoy the vacation and to have a different look for every occasion”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


Middle Aged Women

Middle Aged Women

Fashion for Middle Aged Women

Fashion for middle aged women doesn’t have to be frumpy. It doesn’t have to scream “middle aged,” either. Women of any age can look pulled together, sexy, and professional; fashion for women over 40 has come a long way. It’s all about incorporating select trends into a wardrobe that you’ve carefully created with items that fit you so well they seem to have been made with your body in mind.

Stay Age Appropriate

One of the common concerns for middle aged women seems to be, “Will I look like I’m trying to be too young in this?” when they’re tempted to buy something trendy. The answer is quite often a resounding “No.” Women of all ages like to feel pretty and feminine, and there’s no need to drastically limit your style because of your age. Most women beyond their 20s should probably skip the tiny miniskirts and cropped tops, but you don’t have to wear unflattering skirt lengths or shapeless shirts simply because you think you’re “too old” to wear certain styles.

Go for the Minimalist look

Less is more when it comes to fashion for women over 40. Choose pieces that have fewer embellishments and cleaner lines, you’ll be able to get more wear out of them, pair them with more (trendy) things, and accessorize with your favorite jewelry pieces. They’ll also make your look more polished than some of the busier pieces out there.

Choose Timeless Classics

There’s a way to incorporate trends into fashion for middle aged women, but it takes having some staple, well-tailored classic pieces in your wardrobe. Keeping your trendy picks grounded in a sea of simple styles will keep you from falling into the trap of looking as if you’re trying to dress younger than you are.

“Staying age appropriate when it comes to fashion for middle aged women means wearing clothing that fits, flatters, and reflects your unique sense of style. While you may want to avoid overly revealing clothing, there are plenty of exciting and interesting pieces you can incorporate into your wardrobe” commented Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Compliance Audits

Compliance Audits

Conducting Compliance Audits

The purpose of compliance audits is to see how well a company is following applicable rules, policies, and regulations. For example, as an internal auditor your job may be to see how well various departments in your company are abiding by the corporate by laws (rules governing how the company operates) or by relevant government standards.

  • Examining regulatory compliance: This type of audit addresses whether the company is following local, state, or federal laws applicable to its type of business. For example, you may determine whether the business is complying with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards on the dumping of toxic waste. Or you may look at whether a credit card company is following federal law with regards to charging its cardholders allowable fees and interest. Independent CPAs hired by the company, internal auditors employed by the company, or governmental auditors representing the U.S. government can evaluate regulatory compliance.
  • Satisfying the IRS: In the United States, a huge number of compliance audits involve Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents who examine personal and business tax returns to gauge compliance with Internal Revenue Code. IRS agents refer to their work product as examinations rather than audits because tax returns are prepared according to the Internal Revenue Code, which differs in many regards from GAAP (the standard most often used for financial statement audits).
  • Conducting state income tax and sales tax audits: These types of audits, conducted by the auditors working for a state’s Department of Revenue, evaluate whether companies and individuals are paying income tax per state statute. They also check to make sure that sales tax on purchases is collected for all taxable transactions and that the company collecting the tax is remitting all of it and in a timely fashion.

Compliance audit is essentially about comprehensively reviewing whether a company is adhering to the regulatory related guidelines or not. IT, security and independent accounting consultants conduct an evaluation of the thoroughness and strength of preparations pertaining to compliance, commented Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal president of Grupo Denim.

Threads and their characteristics

threads background

Type of threads and their characteristics

If you want to start a sewing project, there are many different types of threads that you can use, to know the different ones, continue reading this article.

“Only threads of great quality can guarantee a good manufactured garment, that is why Grupo Denim works with vendors compromised with the quality of their products, to make sure we only deliver garments that will strictly meet our customer’s specifications”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of this company.

Here are the different threads that you can find:

  • Cotton– This is the most popular thread, as it is easier to find and buy and it is manufactured in different weights, if you are getting this thread, we recommend you the mercerized one, as it is softer and the color is more consistent.
  • Polyester – Covered with cotton, the polyester thread is also known as multipurpose, it has a center made of thread which makes it stronger and elastic and it is perfect to sew natural fibers and weaves.
  • Silk – The 100% silk thread is made in a variety of colors and weights, it has a characteristic brightness that can enhance any look, it is strong and elastic and it is perfect to sew silk and wool.
  • Nylon – This is a very resistant and invisible thread, it is mainly made in two colors: transparent and smoke, and it is great for light fabrics.
  • Metallic – Metallic threads are bright colors, if you have decided to use them, keep in mind you have to take the necessary cautions with your sewing machines as these threads tend to accumulate static electricity.

“Although there are many different types of threads, it is important to only wear those of the highest quality, as this will ensure resistant seams”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal about this topic.