Combining your high rise jeans

Combining your high rise jeans

How to combine your high rise jeans?

High rise jeans have become a trend and part of our wardrobe, and we love them as they accentuate our waist and make us look taller. If you have not tried them on yet, check out this article as we will give you suggestions as to how to combine them in your daily outfits.

“There are many different fits for a pair of jeans, so it is easier each time to find a pair that will meet a persons’ requirements and will fit in their wardrobe according to their very own style”, thinks Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, about this topic.

High rise jeans are perfect for everyone; they look amazing on all types of bodies and delineate our shape in a very sexy way. If you want to add them to your closet, here are some combinations so that you can wear them in many different ways:

Combine your high rise jeans with a bodysuit and a belt. This will help you keeping everything on its place and your waist will look smaller.

These jeans look fantastic with an oversized shirt; complement your outfit with your favorite pumps for a relaxed and very chic look.

If you are thinner, wearing high rise jeans with a crop top is a perfect combination. Do not forget about the accessories, if you want to have a bohemian look, add round glasses and a sun hat, and do not forget your clutch.

You can tuck your shirts on your high rise jeans for a more formal occasion, such as wearing them in the office, but make sure they are not too tight.

“There are plenty of different combinations that can be done with a pair of jeans, that is why they have become essential on a closet, as their versatility, comfort and resistance make them unique”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.