Favorite type of jeans of celebrities

Favorite type of jeans of celebrities

Favorite jeans of celebrities that you will want to try

One of the hit of the moment on jeans is the cropped ones. We have seen many celebrities adopting these jeans to their daily styles with incredible combinations and street styles are now including this garment too, so if you want to look like a celebrity, keep on reading this article as we will give you some amazing ideas to combine cropped jeans that you will want to try.

“Every season, we see new trends, colors and styles, but, no matter how much the styles change, jeans keep on being a very important part of the trends”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, about this topic.

Cropped jeans soon became popular for denim lovers who are usually looking for new ways to include this fabric on their daily outfits and celebrities seem to love these types of jeans too. These types of jeans end at the ankle and have a slight flare at the bottom. Instead of cuffing the hem, it is a raw one, giving a very interesting detail to your looks.

Cropped jeans will give you a very trendy look, like celebrities are doing it, and the best part is that they combine with many different shoes, such as pointy pumps and strappy sandals that you can wear for a more formal style. If you want to combine them like a celebrity, wear them with a straight long vest.

Cropped jeans are also the perfect choice for an edgy style when you combine them with an animal print top, such as a blazer. But they also look good with neckline tops.

Celebrities have given a break to the very popular skinny jeans, replacing them by cropped jeans in different finishes, so why not trying them yourself?

“Designers are constantly offering new styles on jeans that adapt to more needs, so that everyone can add this garment to their daily outfits”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.

Combining your flats with jeans

Combining your flats with your jeans?

How to combine flats with your jeans?

If you love wearing jeans and you like flats for being very comfortable, you must keep on reading this article, as we will give you some interesting tips to combine both in your outfits.

Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, advised about this topic: “Jeans actually look great with any footwear, but it is important to know what the best length of your jeans is as that will make a different in your look”.

Flats are not worn for effortless looks anymore. Actually, you can look feminine, stylish and pretty chic with them. But when you wear them with your jeans, you must take into account that the right length will make the difference. For example, if you wear your flats with your skinny jeans, they must end at your ankle. If you cuff them you will create a casual look, but if you do not like cuffing your jeans, then the best option would be to adjust them with a tailor.

Flare jeans are usually combined with platforms or high heels, but you can also combine them with your flats to create a classic look. Just make sure the hem does not drag out or you will end up with a pair of dirty and torn jeans.

Be careful when you combine your straight jeans with your flats, as the length must be perfect or they will not look good. Make sure they are not too long or too short.

Remember that your flats will look incredible on you when you wear them with tighter jeans. Do not be afraid to try them on. They will stylish your body and will give you a slimming effect.

“You can always combine your jeans with the shoes you have in your closet, one advantage that not all pants can offer”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.